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Robert Allan Middleton was born on Saturday, March 27, 1948 and passed away on Friday, February 14, 2020. Robert Allan Middleton was a resident of California at the time of passing.

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02/17/20 09:44 AM #5    

Owen Hoskinson

I agree with Mike.  I am glad I got to spend some time with him at the reunion.  When we know the date of the service which will be at the Chaple of the Chimes in Oakland, we will get the word out.  For a good chuckle read what Bob wrote about his "election" at PHS in the "comments section" of his profile.  You can access his profile this at the top of this page.

02/17/20 09:49 AM #6    

Rhoda Basil (White)

The remembrances from Bob's classmates speak volumes about the extratordinary boy and man he was.  Warm condolences to his family, as well as to what is surely his large group of close friends and professional acquaintances whose admiration he earned.

02/17/20 10:29 AM #7    

Larry Albert


      I concur in Rick Schiller's fond recollections of Bob.  I was a fellow classmate at Cal with Bob and graduated in 1970.  Those were the crazy days.  I stayed in the Bay Area for three years (1971-73) and then migrated elsehwere.  Bob pursued a Master's Degree in Rhetoric at Cal around 1972-73.  I lived with one of his classmates near Lake Merritt, Hampton Lyons from Marin County, and a fellow Cal graduate. So I got to know Bob well then.

     I have lived in Alaska for 40 years and hence have lost contact with my fellow classmates.  Bob is one of my classmates with whom I stayed in regular contact.  I add to Rick Schiller's commentary that Bob had a great sense of humor.  Those of us who knew him well would agree he had a superior if not commanding intellect.  Combining that with his sense of humor resulted in a witty and entertaining personality.  When I visited the Bay Area I would try to meet with Bob and invariably enjoy a good conversation.  

    I share a story that Bob provided at the 40th reunion of our PHS 1965 football team. After being served dinner, several players spoke. Bob recalled our game at Alhambra (Martinez).  He was a lineman, probably played tackle.  When set in a three point stance before a play started, Bob said the opposing player repeatedly grinned at him which he considered odd.  Then he realized the player had stenciled onto his mouthpiece "F*** You" in plain view.  That story was hilarious.  Typical adolescent goofiness.         

   Peace be with you brother.  



02/17/20 10:57 AM #8    

Buzz Wiesenfeld

Wonderful comments and remembrances of Bob, from all. I was occasionally part of Bob's buddy group with Rick, and Hurley, but clearly missed the high points in Schiller's basement. I do recall getting wild rides from him in the family Dodge Dart, screaming up and around Piedmont streets above Hampton Field. His senior photo, striking a Bond-like pose leaning on a new Mustang was a classic.

Bob was such a gentle, insightful soul with a ready and often wry sense of humor, always keeping it interesting. This is sad news.

02/18/20 10:17 AM #9    

Deborah Zurier (Jarecki)

Wow guys...your remembrances are so beautiful. Rick...your writing is eloquent and heart felt. I just remember Bob as being a very tall, very kind guy...always a shy smile for all his classmates

02/18/20 01:21 PM #10    

Rick Schiller

Reading the many comments about Bob has jarred my evidently failing memory. Larry Albert is correct; Bob obtained a Masters in Rhetoric in the early 70s.  And Buzz Weisenfeld remind me of the fabled Dodge Dart though I also vaguely recall a vintage English Sports Car, either MG or Triumph, sitting in the garage at 115 Highland Ave.  Oil leaks were not uncommon.  I’m not proud to recall the adventures  careening around Piedmont rather inebriated in the Dart or was that Steve Cobbledick’s bug-eyed MG Sprite as we tried to take on a 396 powered Chevelle-SS in Wildwood Gardens and ended up in the lovely Piedmont Police station (the details of which are best left to another time)?

Buzz speaks of the “high” points in my basement. High? I believe alcohol overindulgence is at first an upper and then wildly sedative into a stupor and then black-out state.  Bobby got the message down the road and eventually completely gave up alcohol, a wise move. 

Others recall Bob’s literary skills fondly and I close with my favorite.  In 1965 I was elected Commissioner of Entertainment. This was a bad joke as I knew nothing about such matters and I was so bad at it that one pep rally in the Gym I allowed tasteless reference to the Watts Riots to be plastered on the Hose-O-Meter we created. We had a cheerleader covered in a sheet spring out from the interior. The School Dean, Mr. McClean as I recall and ex-Navy hard nose, roundly reamed my ass in his office. Back to Bob; the only thing that got me elected was my speech entirely prepared by Bobby. And the opening line nailed it: “Esteemed members of the Faculty and Fellow Scholars.”  Fellow scholars brought a round of laughter and Bob had nailed it.

I’m glad that others have share memories; I look forward to our next get together and we can raise a glass of prune juice or seltzer to Bob.

02/18/20 05:56 PM #11    

Owen Hoskinson

Rick - Well done. 

02/19/20 10:15 AM #12    

Stephanie Slade

Bobs transition did touch me. I know our list of classmates in memory gets longer. Give thanks my friends, for life. It is so precious. I am a 2x Cancer thriver and I know many of us have or have had this terrible and scary disease. Bob always seemed to be much older and wiser and serious for his years. I looked up to him, I always thought of him as very cultured with a touch of wicked humor. What an innocent and lovely time we had the privilege to grow up in...a time of capture the flag outside, sweet shop after school, and long  walks through the park to the high school. Yes friends. It sucks to get sick and not have a cure. I’ve watched as too many of my friends get cancer and pass on so young! Not fair at all. My cancer is so far just on my skin and It was removed in 2012 and again in 2017...I did not have to do the chemo or radiation. Some of my friends have been cured by the chemo. It’s all a bunch of diagnostics, remedies, heart felt decisions, medical dictionaries...a blur of choices. Sending out big love to bobs family. His work is done. Rest In Peace and 💗. 


02/19/20 04:17 PM #13    

Owen Hoskinson

Today, I had a chance to talk with Helen, Bobs partner.  Currently, no date is set for a service.  Bob's son is recently deployed overseas and the family is coordinating schedules.  When a date is set, It sounded like the service will be held at St Johns.  Once a date is set, we will let the class know for those wishing to attend.    

02/21/20 01:19 PM #14    

Steve Cobbledick

A Memorial Service will be held at St. John's Episcopal Church, 1707 Gouldin Rd, Oakland at 2 PM, March 28

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