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Dick Jacobs


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Issaquah, WA USA
Spouse/Partner Linda
Occupation Software Consultant for Healthcare Systems
Children 1. Joshua (1980). Currently: Senior Adviser To Secretary of Department of
Veterans Affairs
2. More… Jennifer (1983). Finished 3rd year medical school at Oregon Health
Sciences in Portland. Also working on Masters in Public Health. Will
graduate medical school in 2015
3. Jeffrey (1985) Second medical residence at the University of Chicago

Linda and I have resided in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1991 having relocating from Carmichael, CA. After receiving my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from UC San Francisco, I proceeded to get a degree in Systems Analysis from the University of Washington. I used both degrees to satisfy my passion for designing and helping health care systems around the country implement electronic medical records.

I retired from GE Healthcare in 2012 and have since worked with those same health care systems as a consultant.
What it has ultimately done (in addition eliminated being tethered to a clock or a calendar), is provide the time for Linda and me to travel the world as well as enjoy being with our three grandchildren in Washington DC.

In the meantime, if any of you plan a visit to the Seattle area (including those of you residing in the area) give me a call (425-985-0603) on send me an email (rlJacobs@comcast.net). Linda and I would enjoy getting together with you.



School Story

To follow with an update in the near future.

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Sep 21, 2016 at 1:33 PM

I too share the fond remembrances of Greg as so eloquently stated by Owen and our other classmates. Greg was clearly one of our quitter classmates. But underneath that easy exterior was one very smart and competitive human being.  I recall going to his parent’s houseboat on the San Joaquin Delta and hitting ice plant buds with wiffle bats.  Even with something as fun and basically irrelevant as that, Greg showed no competitive mercy.  Brushing me back or even hitting me to maintain his competitive edge. But what resonates with me the most, is the kind, considerate person he was to all who were fortunate enough to call him friend.  While I am looking forward to the upcoming reunion weekend, there will nonetheless be a void left by the loss of Greg and our other classmates that I hope we can all take a minute to remember and celebrate their lives during Saturday evening’s festivities.

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One of the reasons I mentioned this earlier, was for as many of us as possible to be in one location. That would add to the reunion above and beyond the official events. Most of us haven't interacted with each other since graduation and may not again after this reunion.
Any accommodation that would enhance the weekend's experience for all of us would be a good thing.

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