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Marlene Grodin

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01/13/15 05:51 PM #1    

Janet Sieg (Kohlweck)

Marlene befriended me at Havens some time after I moved to Piedmont.  She was so much fun.  I remember a slumber party at her house that was a classic.  I remember that Gail Harrington and Kenny Epstein were her neighbors.  I ran into her in Hawaii in 1973 and we enjoyed catching up then.  Thanks for being my friend, Marlene!


01/16/15 12:44 PM #2    

Lee Sherman

Marlene was a great person as I recall. We dated for several years from '64 till '67 if memory serves. We had a lot of fun together. She truly was a great gal. I believe she passed to cancer in '91. Truly a shame.

09/21/16 05:46 PM #3    

Cindy Marcussen (Watts)

Marlene and I were close childhood friends who shared a tragedy in common that two little eight-year-old girls should never have to go through,  when we lost our mothers to cancer.  Our friendship was quite typical of children our age with the exception that we both understood and talked about the grief and pain that the "unthinkable" loss of a parent can cause.  Our "talks" were very therapeutic to both of us and the net result was a very special bond that I will always be grateful we shared.

Years later, I was deeply saddened to hear that Marlene had developed breast cancer at about the same age her mother had and sincerely hoped that she would have the positive outcome that her mother had not.

One afternoon, as I was riding Bart on my way home from work, I sat down on a seat and picked up an abandoned newspaper.  It had been opened and folded to the obituary section, and to pass the time, I started to read it.  As I read through it, I saw Marlene's name, obituary, and the details of her memorial service which was to take place just after I would arrive at the Bart parking lot and I thought that if I hurried, I could get to it on time. I quickly drove to the Mountain View Cemetery getting there just as the service began and was to be able to bid my wonderful friend farewell as she embarked on to her next journey.







09/22/16 07:18 PM #4    

Susie Landis (Cagen)

 I had the honor of spending the night in the hospital at the end of Marlene's life. We laughed and cried. Marlene and I were like sisters...occasionally getting on each other's nerves, like  true sisters... we went to college together and Marlene was my daughter's Godmother.    Cindy, I so appreciate hearing your story and wish that neither of you had such tragedies in your lives.  I have never been to a reunion because of Marlene. It is easier to imagine she is with me everyday. My love to everybody at the reunion.




09/23/16 01:32 AM #5    

Stephanie Slade

I had no idea you both lost your mothers to cancer. So sad. So amazing you found the newspaper at that moment you could say good bye...a sad but devine appointment

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