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Marietta Davis (Blessent)

Marietta Davis (Blessent)

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08/28/16 05:32 PM #1    

Leslie Flegal

We knew she may not make it to our 50th PHS Reunion on Sept. 24th but never admitted it...

Marietta fought the good fight but her breast cancer won the war after her third battle.  She was so sick yet actively involved in working on the PHS Reunion Team.  She loved searching for old classmates email addresses and celebrated with me, emailed frequently asking what she could do to help...I miss her very much.  We laughed about her awesome talent show flamingo dance.  She was amazed I remembered her dance and replied "We all remember!  You were amazing and probably the only real talent at the show."  Marietta held down a job at Piedmont City Hall until the end.  She had a loving family she spoke fondly of when we yakked.

Marietta was one of those women who becomes more beautiful with age.  

She will be at the reunion in spirit.




08/29/16 05:59 AM #2    

Martha Hooper

There is no way to top Leslie's heartfelt eulogy for Marietta.  I remember her as a sparkling and somewhat spunky girl, always with a twinkle in her eye.  And yes, the flamingo performance at the talent show still stands out as a wonderful talent show memory.

08/29/16 06:31 AM #3    

Owen Hoskinson

Leslie -

I agree with Martha.  Too bad she could not make it another couple of months. Thanks for your thoughts.  I hope more people who knew our missing classmates well write about them.  Helps to keep them alive in our memories.








08/29/16 02:01 PM #4    

Janet Sieg (Kohlweck)

I am so sorry to hear of Marietta's lost battle with breast cancer.  It is so sad that she passed in the midst of planning our reunion. 

09/15/16 05:33 PM #5    

Anne Banker (Trotter)


It was a joy to get to know Marietta better with her work on the Committee planning the reunion.  She had an upbeat outlook on life, and from our talks I discovered that we had a very good mutual friend in common.   

I was saddened to learn that she had lost her battle with cancer.  It was just another reminder to me that we should be thankful for good health, and fortunate to be able to make the choice to attend our reunion.  Marietta didn't feel she looked her best or feel her best with the side effects of her cancer treatments, but she didn't let that stop her from making an effort to live life to the fullest.  She was an inspiratation to others that life is prescious and she bravely lived her life, living in the moment, and downplaying her own health concerns.
















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