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Christy Carlson

Geri Hanson and Christy Carlson

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07/12/16 11:37 AM #4    

Leslie Flegal

Christy was always a real "player"!  Chris, sometimes I really do miss Christy too.  

đź’śChristy was such a free spirit and just loved to laugh and have fun.


07/13/16 09:31 AM #5    

Dianne Weiss (Morris)


Loved spending time with Christy. A good friend. Remember being with her aftter school in her huge bedroom practicing the latest dance moves and laughing -  what an infectious giggle. Added bonus -  working on our tans with baby oil and swimming in her pool! Great memories. 

Sad, but heart warming, to read all the comments in the memory section of the site. A good reminder for us all to enjoy every day. 






07/17/16 04:15 PM #6    

Geri Hanson (Mathewson)

I agree with all of the wonderful descriptions in previous comments.  We were best friends growing up in the same neighborhood and remained friends through high school.   I have a great photo of she & I at our house when we were in the 1st grade.  Wish I could submit it with this comment, but I don't think I can.  Anyway a great person, gone to soon for sure!

07/18/16 08:09 AM #7    

Jill Strom (Rancourt)

Geri: Could you scan that hoto of you & Christy, save it in your picture file, & then send it by email attachment to Steve so he can post ? Perhaps you can send a private message to him to inquire.  What do you think of that idea?  Regardingmemories of Christy :  she had such an outgoing personality - she was quite the extrovert:). Chrsty was a very gregarios person & generally quite joyful!  I did sense she had a certain inner malaise or discomfort (so speedy she might have had a bit of ADD).  She & I shared many fun times together that I will always cherish & remember fondly!    I agree with Diane:  Christy's early departure from our lives srves as a reminder that every moment we are alive is a GIFT :). We can all make an effort to sho our appreciation & love for our friends, family members, certain colleagues, neighbours, & fellow volunteers! X0 Jill                                                                                                                     




07/18/16 08:57 AM #8    

Frank Sorba




Carly was a friend all through college as she also attended UC Berkeley and dated and married a fraternity brother of mine.  I remember having very fun times with Christy all through High School, college and beyond as she lived in Orinda and we saw each other frequently at the store etc..  Carly loved to talk.... one of my favorite Christy stories was when we had Mr. Killian ( A Mans' Reach Should Exceed His Grasp Or What's A Heaven For) English.. and she sat next to me.. she as always talking in class to me and one day Mr. Killian had had enough of us and kicked us both out of class to sit in the hall for the rest of the period.  We both used to laugh about that one years later..... she had a good heart and was lots of fun.. always..













07/19/16 04:23 AM #9    

Jean Stahle (Howard)

Christy had such intense energy and I remember getting swept along with her at school and when I was invited to spend the night we were wild.   I especially remember her beautiful mother. She would drive home with a car filled with groceries and hop out in high heels marching into the house with arms filled with bags of food. We would run up the winding stairs to her room and laugh about what I still don't know. We were always lurching around her sister's room and just laughing our heads off. She was intense and had such a beautiful spirit. I remember admiring her in so many ways. Her memory lingers on in such a positive way. It is a pleasure for me to remember Christy today after all these years. 

07/21/16 09:53 AM #10    

Jill Strom (Rancourt)

I agree with Bob about Christy -she was "larger than life" in a great way!

I also agree with him about the 2nd Amendment!  It must be re-written to reflect our current reality!  It is out of date &, not applicable in 2016.  Itr is part of the cause of more deaths in your country than during any war!!  I hope Americans everywhere,and more of those living abroad like me will do everything they can to work to repeal the present 2nd ammendment & write a new one that makes sense! Let's prevent the NRA from having so much power & from bullying certain people in the government into voting against proper gun control in the USA!! 

07/21/16 11:02 AM #11    

Susan Colen (Landau)

When we were 10 years old, Marlene Grodin's first cousin (then about 8 years old) died when he found his dad's gun in the house and it accidently fired. That event informed my abhorance of guns. So sorry to hear it happened in Christy's family, too. 

07/24/16 07:23 AM #12    

Martha Hooper

Christy and I knew each other when she lived in San Marino, before she moved to Piedmont.  I spent a couple of weeks with the Carlsons there one summer - a big event in my life, including a plane ride by myself, for which I wore a pink suit, white gloves and a hat!  For some reason, I coined an expression there that "every child under the age of 10 should have a bird....."  that Mr. Carlson loved and quoted frequently.  Everyone talked so fast in that family, so I tried to emulate them and bring that speedy banter back to Waldo Ave.  In junior high, I had a massive crush on Steve Gaither - a close family friend of the Carlson's - (who never noticed me) and wrote letters to Christy every day, pouring my heart out about my unrequited love.  She responded enthusiastically, urging me not to give up the cause!  So many overnighters, platter parties, laughing and joking.  Christy and I married so young - and her little sister Martha was our first babysitter when my son was a few weeks old.  We had many young marrieds dinners at each other's homes.  So many happy memories.


(That gun incident did not happen in the Carlson family, but in another that we all know very well.  Just want to correct this point.)  





07/26/16 04:07 AM #13    

Jill Strom (Rancourt)

Thank you Martha for sharing that adorable picture of you & Christy!  I also appreciate you informing us about the correct information regardig the shooting!  I can't wait to be with you at the reunion and will email you about our plan :)  Until we meet, be well & stay safe - it is so terrible to hear about the frequent murders in Turkey and around the world.  I pray that there will be NONE in Canada.  I am thinking it may be safer to fly into Oakland rather than San Francisco airport when I come in September.

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