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Doug Appeldorn

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07/21/16 11:40 AM #1    

Karen (For Douglas) Appeldorn

Many are unaware what a great brother, son, grandson, and friend Doug was to so many. He was a brilliant Chemical Engineer who worked for the State of California and worked on a major project to Clean the Bay in the early 1970s.  Doug earned his PE after attending UC of Davis, where he happily played his bagpipes for all to hear!  Many would come out of their buildings when they heard Doug's bagpipes and he was more than happy to walk and play for the crowds. His work on the Bay included taking original photographs of all the shores from the SF Bay all the way up to Sacramento and the Delta. Doug's work has been digitalized and is on every satellite and Science survey of the changes to our waterways to this day and "forever." May I say, he is also the best Uncle my kids, who never met him, could ever have. They love and adore him as I do, and know him as well as many of you did.

07/21/16 03:31 PM #2    

Leslie Flegal

Thank you for giving others an opportunity to learn of your brother Doug's contributions.

Doug was a kind boy with a unique humor and creative, keen ideas.  

He had a very curious mind.  Ah-ha moment...  Stay curious!

We were silly young friends and I remember Doug well.

Even in Piedmont as a little kid, Doug was politically astute and intelligent.

I will think of him during the reunion and trust he will have a front row seat from above.

07/21/16 03:32 PM #3    

Leslie Flegal

Bless you too Karen!

07/22/16 12:01 PM #4    

Karen (For Douglas) Appeldorn

Thank you so much, Leslie, for your lovely comments. As you know, the cancer he struggled with in high school returned and had metasticized to his brain at age 27. He had struggled with the horrendous surgery performed on him as a teen, a procedure no longer used or useful, but lived a full, happy life. He biked and climbed the Sierras and other mountains, traveled, cared for our elders, and had a lovely girlfriend who I miss to this day, too. He was a fan of the best Comedians of the day, especially Monty Python. I miss Doug's laughing face; it was extraordinary!

Last summer, Mr. Killian told me of his joy in having Doug as a student, and he also remembered well his illness. We can all take joy and pride in knowing he did major work to help mankind while here on Earth. His Co-workers enjoyed working with him, which is how I learned about his lifetime work.

07/22/16 01:41 PM #5    

Michael Burns

Karen, so grateful for hearing about Doug. I didn't know him or anything of his heroic journey. Sounds like the challenges he faced as a youth quickly matured him into a man of service to helping the world be a better place. Thanks for the memories.

07/22/16 09:09 PM #6    

Karen (For Douglas) Appeldorn


You are quite welcome. If you still have a Clan-O-Log, look for the Highlander Pipers we had and you will see Doug quite easily. He was the tallest person in the band!

07/23/16 01:38 PM #7    

Jill Strom (Rancourt)

Dearest Karen,

I was so touched and moved to read your inspirational comments about Doug.  I am travelling now on a bus from Sherbrooke, Quebec (where I lived from 1971-1980)  to Montreal (where My husband of 43 yrs. & I live)  I am taking this quiet time to read the posts on our PHS reunion website.   

A very stunning French-speaking African woman wearing a beautiful batik design traditional Senegalese (I think) long dress & head piece just boarded with her two young children.  I think of Doug and the fine & most admirable work he did to help our environment!  Our eldest son worked for Greenpeace for seven years and my second cousin from Berkeley, CA was (she just passed way last week as a young looking & thnking 96 yr. old - my mother is 98 1/2) one of the founding members & Board members of the Sierra Club of California.  Thank you for helping us to keep him in our thoughts now & during the PHS Class of '66 reunion!

Be well,






07/24/16 12:40 PM #8    

Rhoda Basil (White)

Dear Karen:

I, like so many other of his classmates, remember Doug well and fondly.  He was a special boy and so no surprise that he grew into a special man.  Thank you, Karen, for bringing his memory back to us so lovingly and for providing us with your insights into his adult life. 





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